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Before you reject weight loss hypnosis or weight loss hypnotherapy as a way to lose weight, you should know that as part of managing weight, it is proven to be very successful in achieving considerable amounts of weight loss.


Theoretically, weight loss is merely a matter of reducing  the amount of calories you eat. In actual fact lots of diets will say if you watch what you eat fairly well, you will lose weight. As mentioned, theoretically this is accurate, but easier said than done.


Now if you have ever attempted to lose weight you are aware that solely dieting is inadequate. Instantly you finish dieting you start putting the pounds back on, assuming the diet works for you in the first place.

The only way permanent weight loss happens is when you change unhealthy habits. Dieting takes you through a change of habits, but only for a short time. You lose weight, Once you achieve your goals and in most cases before, you return to your old habits that made you over weight in the first place. Needless to say you put back on the weight you lost, and in a lot of cases more besides.

Obviously to lose weight and keep it off once and for all, demands permanent changes to your lifestyle. Modifying eating habits, meal preparation habits, food selection habits etc; and this is where weight loss hypnotherapy / weight loss hypnosis helps.


To change habits can be a daunting task and sometimes seam impossible. Why is this?

You see habits are created in the subconscious part of our minds so they become automatic responses to particular situations, we are all creatures of habit, we do things without a second thought like maybe cleaning our teeth morning and night, our get up routine you know the sort of thing

1, fall out of bed, 2 stagger to the bathroom, 3 use the loo, 4 shower, 5 get dressed and notice its always the same way socks first or whatever, 6 downstairs to your first cup of tea. Any way you get the picture. We all do many things every day on autopilot.


Well with the use of weight loss hypnosis or weight loss hypnotherapy you can automatically make those healthy decisions.


I’m going to let you in on a little secret; those people that maintain a healthy weight all the time do not need to try they do it effortlessly, its all about habits they have developed good healthy habits and you can do the same with weight loss hypnosis / weight loss hypnotherapy.


Many people tend to associate hypnosis / hypnotherapy with the breaking habits or addictions like biting nails, gambling and smoking etc. which there is no doubt it is very effective, I have a very high success rate with my stop smoking hypnosis / stop smoking hypnotherapy program myself.


However it is also a fantastic way to create new beneficial healthy habits like taking the stairs and not the escalator, walk or cycle to the local shop and not take the car, generally being more active, choosing healthier food, eating fresh fruit and vegetables and I am sure you can think few more. These are thy sort of habits you need to develop for natural, easy and permanent weight loss.


Imagine how good you will feel when you develop your own healthy habits, achieving the weight loss that you desire, feeling much healthier, more breath, more energy, more confident, happy and contended what’s more enjoying your new healthy lifestyle.

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