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Applying Stop Smoking Hypnosis Therapy


Though the cigarette packs contain statutory warnings, yet most of us are quite oblivious to the hazards caused by it. And by the time we think of rectifying our mistake, we find ourselves already addicted. There are different nicotine recovery therapies used by doctors. One of the methods that has proven effective and successful to eradicate smoking addiction permanently is stop smoking hypnosis. Unlike other solutions, stop smoking hypnotherapy neither uses drugs nor other props like nicotine patches and gums to rid the deadly addiction.


Stop smoking hypnosis is a very popular method that physicians recommend to those willing to quit smoking. One only needs to have passion and aspiration to quit smoking through this effective method of hypnosis therapy. Hypnosis treatment acts as a starter or motivator which is essential in the initial stage. Stop smoking hypnotherapy is one of the safest methods to quit smoking as it does not contain any sort of supplements or prescriptions and therefore no side-effects.


If you are one of them who require help to quit your smoking addiction, then you have to consult a professional hypnotist who will help you to apply stop smoking hypnosis therapy to overcome smoking addiction. The hypnotist will assist you through the therapy sessions to ensure that you quit smoking completely. The process involved in the stop smoking hypnotherapy  is very simple. In the first session the hypnosis will assist you to share your views about smoking and your reasons to smoke. Once the hypnotist is through with the reasons for which you smoke and analyse the causes that lead you to smoke; he will provide you with the information of how the stop smoking hypnosis therapy works and how it will help you to quit.


The first session of the stop smoking hypnotherapy is usually an informal one and is kind of an ice breaker. In this session you can be free to express your views and clarify your queries related to the therapy. This session may make you a little uncomfortable since you are required to share your deepest fears, secrets or apprehensions. But it will help the hypnotist understand you better and set the ball rolling to get complete freedom from addiction through stop smoking hypnosis.


The expert hypnotist guide and therapist will first try to make you feel comfortable and relaxed which is very essential in this therapy so that you can slip into the desired trance-like state. The number of sessions needed to help you quit smoking will depend on the effort you make. You also need to be careful about the instructions given by the hypnotist and accurately follow it. If you are really determined to quit the habit by stop smoking hypnosis then you need to possess an open and calm mind to explore the guidelines that the hypnotist provides.


Once you reach the final stages of the therapy you will automatically feel more relaxed and refresh. Remember, stop smoking hypnosis is the best method to quit smoking but only when carried out by a licensed practitioner.

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Sports Hypnosis


Sports coaching used to be purely about physical training. Focus is on strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination, and speed. But all good coaches know that superb physical condition is not the only thing that keeps an athlete performing well - superb psychological condition plays a big role as well.


This is why dream athletic teams have a sport psychologist on board. These are the professionals who ensure that athletes are focused, motivated and emotionally ready to take on the physical abuse typical of many contact sports. Among the techniques in a sport psychologist's arsenal is sports hypnosis. What can sports hypnosis do?


There are many ways sports hypnosis can benefit an athlete or a team; the following are just some of them:


Hypnosis can eliminate negative thoughts that interfere in performance.


Ideally, athletes should be positive thinkers. They should feel good about themselves and confident about their capabilities. They must also be able to bounce back from failures and setbacks. If an athlete is plague by pessimism and negative self-talk, all his or her natural physical gifts would be negated.


Sports hypnosis can help in giving athletes constant encouragement and affirmation. With the process, coaches can eliminate self-defeating ideas like "I will never be good enough" or "I always suck at this part." When the team experiences sidetracks, like thrashing defeats or training equipment failure, hypnosis can help keep everyone motivated. In a way, sports hypnosis is a tool for "psyching" an athlete towards success.


Hypnosis can ensure focus and concentration during training and during the game proper. Focus and concentration are vital in every sport. Basketball players must always be alert regarding their offense and defense; race car drivers must be aware of every turn in the road; baseball players must keep a clear eye on the ball in order to hit it accurately. With hypnosis, razor-sharp attention can be directed towards the things that matter.


Hypnosis can assist in skill development. Research has hailed the power of visualization in enhancing skills, or compensating for a handicap. Whether there is an actual physical change that happens after hypnosis, or it's just all in the mind, is still debatable - but the point is, sports hypnosis works! When track and field athletes are asked to visualize their legs gaining more power, or when swimmers are asked to visualize themselves breathing more effortlessly underwater, significant change happens.


Lastly, hypnosis can help athletes manage pain and injury. Pain and injury are sadly always a possibility, even among the most careful of athletes. In some sports, like boxing or mixed martial arts, pain may even be inevitable. Hypnosis can assist athletes in managing hurts, aches and throbs.


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Whenever you read about hypnosis, it's usually written in a positive fashion. This is quite right and just as it should be, but it must also be remembered that hypnosis may also be practiced in a negative way. This is something about which you must be very careful. But can hypnosis really promote success?


A negative attitude, or focus, means that you expect things to go wrong or that nasty and unpleasant events will rear their heads and cause you unhappiness. It should be remembered that hypnosis is about creating expectations.


Now please don't misunderstand me. I'm not referring here to 'positive thinking.' or even hoping for the best. Hypnosis is about creating expectations, so you can be well on your way to creating success if this creation of positive thought becomes all part of your instincts. The last sentence contained the words 'positive thought,' and I must clarify this. This sort of positive thought we're considering as optimism, and doing our best to keep our minds off negativity and continually thinking about what can go wrong.


There are so many books on positive thought and basically they all say the same thing. Even if it's pouring with rain, we're all expected to leap out of bed in the morning, (especially if it's Monday!), and be happy and cheerful. Now, there's a great deal of difference between this idea of 'positive thinking,' and optimism. With the latter, and with practice, we don't have to think about things going well. These expectations are built into our instincts. Let's face it, trying to think positively all the time is darned hard work!


We come to the inevitable question; from where do we find our attitudes? One of two places. If you're lucky enough to have the sort of parents who encourage you, sensibly, to achieve your goals and give you credit for doing so, then such encouragement will stick with you in a balanced fashion all your life. You'll develop automatic, positive focus, so that failure becomes unthinkable.


You will fail, we all do, but you'll simply turn it into a learning experience that, far from being negative, ties into the rest of your optimism and you make use of it as a stepping stone to success.


Another method is that whenever you learn something new, and it becomes automatic, then you've been hypnotized. Hypnosis, remember, can last just a few seconds and with your eyes wide open. You've heard of people who say something in 'a flash of anger.' Suddenly, their focus becomes so narrow, that they snap something out of their mouth, probably without thinking.


Anxiety, depression and pessimism are all hypnotic trance states, because they require (mis)use of the imagination. Remember what we said about negative hypnosis? Well, here's where you must be so very careful


The idea of standing in front of the mirror and reciting some mantra really can become very tiresome! Develop the idea of optimism and if nothing else, life will be a lot more restful! There's so much more to study about the helpful side of hypnosis which will improve yourself no end on Mike Bond's website, The Hypnosis Attraction. We strongly recommend a visit


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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy - Can This Work?


If you've already tried a variety of the stop smoking aids, and you've tried quitting smoking without any help at all, you may think it's just not meant to be. If you haven't tried quit smoking hypnosis, you should take a minute to consider the possibility.


When the word "hypnosis" is mentioned, many people immediately conjure up images of the comedic hypnotists that make unsuspecting participants quack like a duck or perform some other ridiculous action. Hypnosis stop smoking programs are serious help for those with a serious desire to quit smoking cigarettes.


There's no doubt that suggestion is a powerful tool. If you doubt that, just think about the amount of money spent on advertising. While it's not hypnosis in the purest sense of the word, there's no doubt that advertising works because we are open to suggestion. This is the first major step before turning to hypnosis as quit smoking help - you have to believe that hypnosis will work and open yourself to the power of suggestion.


Smoking cessation is undeniably difficult. One of the most common problems faced by those who seek out hypnotherapy seems to be the expectation that stop smoking help will be easy with hypnotherapy. The truth is that most who undergo hypnosis still report an occasional craving for a cigarette. There's no doubt that stopping smoking isn't easy, and there seems to be no stop smoking methods that work without the will power of the smoker. If you want to know how to stop smoking without ever facing any cravings for another cigarette, you're looking for a magic cure - unfortunately, it doesn't seem to exist.


That's not to say that hypnosis doesn't work - quite the contrary. And there are those people who report that they never again have the desire to pick up another cigarette. Just don't enter into a hypnosis program expecting perfect results. This, like all quit smoking products and programs, should be counted as one part of the overall plan.


Quit smoking support is another important factor, and you may very well get the needed support as part of the hypnosis program. There could be a group that meets periodically, or the hypnotist may be available for additional consultations at no cost over a specific period of time.


Cost is another factor that keeps some people from seeking out hypnosis. You'll find that this isn't a free stop smoking program, but it may not be as expensive as you think. You'll find plenty of advertisements in most areas for around $100.


Despite what some people think, stop smoking hypnosis isn't a magic cure. Regardless of what stop smoking programs you try, you're likely going to experience some withdrawal and there will be times that cigarette smoking is appealing. But if you're ready for help to stop smoking, hypnosis may very well be just the answer you've been searching for.


There's no doubt that smoking is detrimental to your health, and that there are incredible benefits to quitting. Isn't it time you considered hypnotherapy?


Steve Hill discusses the quit smoking process. Learn the facts before you decide which quit smoking product to buy. Read more no-hype stop smoking articles and information at: quit smoking.


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