Easiest way to stop smoking!


What is the easiest way to stop smoking?


This must be the number one question for the smoker that has made the decision to stop smoking, and I guess that you have landed on this page because you or someone you know wants to find the easiest way to stop smoking.


Well if you have been looking for the easiest way to stop smoking for while now, I am sure you have asked around others that have already stopped smoking, and got a variety of different suggestions on which is the easiest way to stop.


To list just a few there’s   Patches



                                      Fake cigarettes


                                     Nasal Spray


But bar far the easiest way to stop smoking is the one most wannabe non smokers try after all else has failed and then wished they tried it first! And that’s Stop Smoking Hypnosis.


So why is hypnosis / hypnotherapy the easiest way to stop smoking? Because all the other aids only help with the nicotine addiction, which in fact is the easiest part of the stop smoking cessation, what’s more there can be side effects.


    Some possible side effects:


Nicotine Patches

Itchiness near the patch and dizziness



Chantix is a prescription drug used for smoking cessation. Some common side effects can be nausea, vomiting and altered dreams.


Nicotine gum


Nicotine gum is used as a substitute for the nicotine that you would get from smoking. Some side effects that can come with it are rashes, headaches, hiccups and upset stomach.

Nasal Spray


Nasal Spray There is also a nasal spray that can be used to stop smoking. Some side effects of using it include irritation in the nose, watery eyes and bleeding from the nose


The hardest part of the whole stop smoking thing is breaking the habit and ignoring the trigger that makes you need a cigarette.


As all habits are created in the subconscious mind, Hypnosis / hypnotherapy is by far the best way to change your habits, in fact even addictions are controlled by your subconscious mind along with so much more like your thoughts and feelings, your emotions all your bodily functions etc, and in hypnosis one can re-program the subconscious mind and that’s why hypnosis / hypnotherapy is the easiest way to stop smoking.


When you decide to stop smoking using hypnosis / hypnotherapy you have the benefit of no cravings no desire to smoke even if others around you are smoking, if you have ever tried to stop smoking before you know how those cravings seem to last for ever.

Other withdrawal symptoms often associated with giving up smoking include mood swings, anxiety, insomnia and weight gain, none of which you have to put up with when you choose the easiest way to stop smoking.


Why put up with any of the above withdrawal symptoms related to giving up smoking, why risk the possible side effects of some of the stop smoking aids when you do not have to, and what’s more you could be a non smoker within one hour that’s all it takes with hypnosis / hypnotherapy, imagine that in as little as one hour you could be a happy healthier non smoker.


So There you have it, the easiest way to stop smoking is stop smoking hypnosis!


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